Upping The Ante

By: K.C. Cave

Genres: #Gangbang #SlutTraining #Nymphomaniac


Alison's Erotic Adventures Book 2

Alison isn't satisfied with just using her strap-on vibrator in public anymore. Now she wants to get really wild and crazy! And her best friend, Tommy, knows just how to satisfy her insatiable craving for sex. He's about to set up a lusty gangbang at the local bar. Can Alison handle seven sex-crazed steelworkers...and still walk straight the next day? Just how much of a slut can she be? The answers are here in Upping the Ante, book 2 of Alison's Erotic Adventures.

This work of fiction is the product of the author's wild and vivid imagination. Any similarities to real life characters, places, and events are unintended and purely coincidental. Further note that all characters depicted in this story are of 18 or older, and are unrelated and consenting adults. It contains extremely graphic descriptions of sex acts, including a consensual serial gangbang, MF sex, sex toy sex, sex with strangers, public sex, and group sex. If explicit erotic fiction like this offends you, do not purchase this book. Otherwise, enjoy!

Author's Bio:

A little about me: I'm a former journalist of more than 20 years now dedicated to something I actually know something about: sex. (Don't search K.C. Cave, though--it's my pen name.) My characters are real people to me, and I like to make them funny. I also like to make the sex explicit. Funny, isn't it, that explicit sex is more or less taboo, while violence is okay? Not ha-ha funny, though. I like erotica that's frequently funny--sometimes snarky--where no one gets hurt and everyone has fun--and gets off. Especially the reader.

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