Gabriela Gets An Education - Part Four: The Stunning Conclusion

By: Matthew Lee

Genres: #CollegeSex #Romance #HFNHappyForNow


Gabriela and Chuck enter their final year at Philips Exeter, determined to keep their eyes on the prize. Before they return, however, Gabby spends time with Brandon, Chuck’s bitter rival.

At last at school, the workload is far more than they expected and they find themselves struggling. Both must eliminate outside activities and that means Gabby quits dancing. Not everyone is pleased with her decision.

Gloria, Gabby’s mother, incensed by her daughter’s recent distance and informed by Officer Gupta of the truth, arrives on campus to set things right.

Our couple battles through it all, fighting hard to reach the end and create the life they crave. With more twists and turns then they can handle, they are pushed to the limit.

Author's Bio:

Author Matthew Lee started the Hotwife lifestyle with his first girlfriend at age sixteen. Virtually every relationship he had from then to now has had some form of sharing included. The books you read here are based on a lifetime of Matthew's sexual experiences.

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