Dark Flowers

By: Jim Olinger

Genres: #Historical #Suspense #Erotica


Sex, drugs, and rock and roll are blooming in 1966 San Francisco, but things aren't too groovy. The brutal Flower Girl Strangler is prowling the Haight-Ashbury, leaving a string of beautiful young dead women in his wake.

The Strangler has just claimed another victim when young cowboy-turned-journalist Jerry Weiss arrives from Wyoming, investigating his own family's dark secrets. His new girlfriend Suzie, a tough cowgirl with a derringer in her boot and secrets of her own, accompanies him.

Jerry and Suzie plunge into a nightmare world of kinky sex, blackmail, and murder. As they peel away layer after onion-layer of treachery and deceit, they draw ever closer to a fatal encounter with a serial killer's noose.

A gripping novel of sex and death in the Summer of Love.

Author's Bio:

Jim Olinger was born in Denver and raised in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

After graduating from the University of Wyoming, he was a roadie for a series of rock and roll bands, then moved to Austin to work for a computer company.

He started writing in grade school and was a reporter on his junior high and high school papers. He and his lover (now husband) published a gay newspaper in Austin for several years.

He lives in Austin with his husband Wayde Frey.

Dark Flowers is his first novel.

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