Friends & Lovers: Book 3

By: Charles E. Magness

Genres: #Incest #Innocence Lost #Drama


Book 3 of "Charlie & Mindy"

Charlie and Mindy have managed to weather the initial storms of their college lives together, and their love is still intact-both spiritually and physically. Finding the privacy they need to celebrate their love has been difficult, but they are managing to get what they need, if not all that they want. Having solved those first problems of carrying on their love in this new environment, they are ready to look outward and to expand their horizons by making new friends. But a dark secret still hangs over them, and they have to decide what they can reveal to new friends and what they must guard from all others.

To make matters worse, the small church-related college frowns heavily on students who indulge in the contemptible offense that it carefully calls "extra-marital sexual intercourse;" that adds an unwanted layer of difficulty to their lives. And then without warning, just as they have come to believe that they've found a stable equilibrium of friendship, studying, and loving, they face disaster: The stern Reverend Doctor Elias Calvin Stone, Professor of Religion and Dean of Students, summons them to his office-an office that is notorious for being the early end of many college careers. On his way to learn his fate and his lover's, Charlie can already hear his disappointed dad asking, "Couldn't you have been a little more careful to avoid being caught?"

Author's Bio:

Charles E. Magness is a professional mathematician. He and his beloved mate live somewhere in the Rocky Mountain West with their children and the world's friendliest Australian Shepherd. Charlie and Mindy: A Walk on the Wild Side is his first erotic publication; he has several more in preparation. He is a graduate of the Mountain Odyssey Learning School, and he enjoys hiking, mathematics, writing, puns, and sex-not necessarily in that order.

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