The Headmaster's Office

By: Belinda LaPage

Genres: #TeacherStudent #FirstTime #UnprotectedSex


An Erotic Teacher Student First Time Story

Dorm Room Dares Book 1

"No Panties Tuesday" started as a harmless school prank, but by lunchtime, Belinda was kneeling splay-legged on the headmaster's desk, his hand (innocently?) between her thighs just moments away from discovering her nakedness and arousal. Completely innocent and utterly unprotected, the stakes had never been bigger. How much could she possibly take?

Author's Bio:

I love writing scorching erotica about adventurous, curious women in new situations. Her first time (and his first time!) are my favourites, but exciting new experiences like first F/F and first light bondage are a big turn on, too. It's fantasy, right, so safety is never an issue, and most of all I love to describe the explosive heat that floods her core when he finishes inside.


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