The 'Gabriela Gets An Education' Collection

By: Matthew Lee

Genres: #Blackmail #IndecentProposal #Anthology


Gabriela and Chuck are young, in-love, engaged, and saving themselves for marriage. Ambitious and driven, they arrive at Philip’s Exeter, the most prestigious preparatory school on the east coast, with full scholarships and fierce determination. Nothing will stand in their way.

But life at Exeter is grueling and they soon hit their first wall. When a friend suggests a simple but illicit way around, they take it. Their foul deed is discovered by another student but rather than expose our couple, he blackmails them to get what he wants; Gabby.

Chuck watches in horror as his sweet betrothed is taken from him, piece by piece. The extortion demands increase, as they always do, and Gabby and Chuck quickly find themselves making every more difficult choices just to stay afloat.

Our story continues in part two as Gabby and Chuck enter their second year at Philips Exeter. Martin again roommates with Chuck, eager for Gabby to stop by often. Chuck wants in to an exclusive and secret fraternity, but needs a senior’s invitation to do it. Against his better judgement, he asks Gabby to contact Dakota.

Dakota is happy to help, and happy to see Gabby again, and visits campus for the homecoming game. After the game, he introduces Chuck to Jasper, a football buddy and Chuck’s ticket to inclusion in the club.
But admission comes with a price.

Blindly ambitious, Chuck is willing to pay the price although it is Gabby that foots the bill. Actions have unintended consequences and Gabby suddenly finds her pool of available lovers running dry. She’s quick to solve that problem, with foreshadowing of things to cum, and breaks an unspoken rule to do it.
Now feeling empowered and independent, Gabby again makes an unpredictable leap, crossing the line and placing her very relationship with Chuck in danger.

In part three we learn school ended for the summer but their relationship ended for good. Or did it? Gabby and Chuck spend the summer contemplating their adult choices and the complex ramifications of an adult life. Young but eager, they are willing to question everything including themselves.
Junior year starts and it proves just as tumultuous as the first two, full of surprises and unexpected twists.

Part four: The stunning conclusion! Gabriela and Chuck enter their final year at Philips Exeter, determined to keep their eyes on the prize. Before they return, however, Gabby spends time with Brandon, Chuck’s bitter rival.

At last back at school, the workload is far more than they expected and they find themselves struggling. Both must eliminate outside activities and that means Gabby quits dancing, and not everyone is pleased with her decision.

Gloria, Gabby’s mother, incensed by her daughter’s recent distance and informed by Officer Gupta of the truth, arrives on campus to set things right.

Our couple battles through it all, fighting hard to reach the end and create the life they crave. With more twists and turns then they can handle, they are pushed to the limit.


Wow! I just finished the Gabriela Collection
4 stories of Gabby’s sexual affection
I originally read the sizzling Part 1
But I needed to read more when that was done

Did you ever wonder what makes a ‘cuck’?
You’ll find out through her boyfriend; Chuck
Did you ever wonder what makes a hot wife?
You’ll find out through Gabby who loves that ‘life’

This whole series begins with this coed so shy
After being blackmailed for sex she begins to love the high
You see, she fell in love with powerful sex night and day
And she gave in to her lust with Chuck’s OK!

By the end you’ll say: Sooo!, that’s how sharing’s done
Go buy this book and understand the fun!

By Kinky Richie from Kinky Literature, January 6, 2019

Author's Bio:

Author Matthew Lee started the Hotwife lifestyle with his first girlfriend at age sixteen. Virtually every relationship he had from then to now has had some form of sharing included. The books you read here are based on a lifetime of Matthew's sexual experiences.

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