Hell Is A Mistress Times Three

By: Richard J Lloyd

Genres: #NonFiction #Horror #Forced


The story is of a old man and a young woman whom both endured extreme sexual torture at the hands of three depraved women. I would class this story as more of an erotic horror as the things they both endure are forced upon them. It contains graphic descriptions and course language. A lot of the things that happened to the two victims I feel I cannot write however the lone survivor read it through before publishing and agreed it gave a fair description of the last couple of weeks they were held captive. I changed the country and the victims names as the survivor is well known in her own country for her work since gaining her freedom. the gentleman died of old age ten years after they escaped.

Author's Bio:

Richard J Lloyd was born in 1952 to working parents and is the eldest of five brothers. He has a varied working life and although born in Liverpool has worked all over the United Kingdom. He ventured into writing about 30 years ago and wrote a horror book as well as a comedy and some children's stories. Not having any success with them he concentrated on his working life to feed his family. At one point he owned an adult club where he leaned how interested a lot of people were in fetishes although never joined in himself. During the last couple years he has put that knowledge to use by writing medium length stories about the fetish world behind closed doors.
Although he is retired now he spends his day writing and lives with his wife in Merseyside. He is now sixty five and intends to write a lot more in the future even resurrecting the books and stories of thirty years ago.

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