Letting Go

By: Richard Bacula And Kelli Roberts

Genres: #BDSM #OfficeSex #SexualExperimentation


Stasia has been attracted to Jaxon Kent since she started working at the same law firm. Over the past two years, this attraction has slowly grown into an obsession, but she's heard strange rumors about Jaxon's sex life. These rumors that make her think that he could never go for a normal girl like her.

She takes a desperate gamble that puts both her career and her heart at risk, maybe even more. Soon she finds herself caught up a new world of bondage and boundaries, of secret societies and sexual exploration.

What will she risk to be with Jaxon? How far will she go, and are the pleasures worth the price?

"Letting Go" is the first erotic novel published by Wasteland.com, one of the web's oldest and longest-running adult entertainment sites and premier online destinations for BDSM content. This intensely erotic novel was written by author, webmaster, and AVN nominated producer Kelli Roberts, along with talented author Richard Bacula. Together, they have presented a story that explores love and obsession, pleasure and pain, secrets and lies, and the ways that all of these things can intersect.

Author's Bio:

I've always had a habit of writing down various dreams, fantasies, and stories that came into my head. After studying creative writing for a number of years at a remarkable university, I got my degree and joined the teeming hordes of independent ebook writers.

Aside from writing quite a few short stories, I managed to team up with AVN nominated producer and webmaster Kelli Roberts in order to write the BDSM novel "Letting Go" for the good people at Wasteland.com, and the novel attracted some attention after being recommended in the October 2015 issue of Women's Health Magazine!

I hope you enjoy reading my stories, and I look forward to writing more of them!

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