Ellie Mae 3, Sex On The Road

By: Charlie B.

Genres: #PornStars #Adventure #SexualExperimentation


Fortified with the proceeds of her sugar daddy exploits, Ellie Mae is of to Atlanta to make her Porn Star dream come true. After a series of adventures as she gets various lifts along the way it doesn't take much to entice Ellie Mae into some dubious deeds. She finally ends up with a group of girls whose specialty is dancing. Not however the sort of dancing a guy could tell his mother he'd seen. These girls are also travelling north while putting on some outrageous shows and Ellie Mae is soon roped into the action. Not that she needs much persuading.
The third in this series; straight talking Ellie Mae, or Red as she likes to be known, tells it in her own way, hard talking sass.

Author's Bio:

Well my name is Charlie B but you already know that. I live in the UK, Bromley, Kent, any GR peeps close by, friend me by all means. I write hot steamy stories. Why, well because if it turns me on I hope it will do the same for you, guy or girl!

I write a lot, a book a month sometimes even more and I like to do something different every time. Sometimes the sexy scenes are part of the story and other times the story is the vehicle for the sex scenes but one thing is always present in my stories, Sex!

Most of my stories feature women as the lead characters, I liker strong women, women who know what they want and go get it. They want men who can satisfy them in every way, who can excite and give then totally fulfilling sex. Women today have found their freedom, they want books that excite and arouse, they want a hot read that will give them a thrill and why not.

Ah, but I hear you guys saying , ‘what about us?
Well I know what guys like, after all I am one. Fresh young women, cheerleaders, raunchy college girls that are naughty rather than nice. Older women that bend the rules, blur the lines because they are hell bent on satisfaction and they will do their devious best to get it. In actual fact, although there’s a possible division in what I write, I think men and women will enjoy most of my books as many sit in the middle road.

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