Easter Boob Hunt

By: Blair Buford

Genres: #HolidayStory #Fantasy #GenderSwap


This past Easter, Parker stood naked and erect in front of his mirror, watching in disbelief as the magic of his strange new necklace transformed him into a woman.

She still wasn't sure who this "E.B." character was, why this person put the necklace inside a pink plastic Easter egg, or how she - or he - managed to sneak into his place and leave the egg at the foot of his bed. For a few moments, she didn't care. She sprawled her naked body across her bed, letting her eager fingers caress every new curve.

But then Parker spotted another egg. She opened it, and out popped a pair of tiny pink panties. She slipped them on, then right away found another egg in her living room. Inside it were a pair of stockings. Then she found another egg. And another. And, as she dressed herself, the eggs led her to the backyard, where the biggest surprise of all awaited her-

This 4,084-word stand-alone erotic story contains explicit adult content, including M to F gender swap transformations. It is not recommended for readers under age 18.

Author's Bio:

My name is Blair Buford. It isn't a man's name, nor that of a woman. It is that of a human who knows that gender is a choice. I dream of a world where sex is a choice as well, one where men and women alike can both experience how the other half lives for as long as they desire, free to know each other's pleasure. I write in order to make known to the world that no one should fear what makes them happy.

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