Teacher's Pet: Making The Grade

By: Angel Wild

Genres: #TeacherStudent #OldNYoung #Spanking


Schoolgirl Sex

Anna was a straight A student in high school, but University is a whole other animal. Intent on succeeding in her English class, she finds a way to use her hot, young body to guarantee that she makes the grade.

WARNING: This is a VERY explicit erotic story intended for adults only. Includes graphic language, hardcore sex scenes, spanking and other content not suitable for minors.

Author's Bio:

Angel Wild loves to write scorching hot stories that are simply too taboo to share with anyone but her most loyal of readers. Constantly finding herself thinking about her next sexcapade, she can't stop herself from pouring her kinkiest fantasies and private pleasures onto the pages of her naughty stories. She hopes they make you as hot as they make her.

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