April's Fool

By: Kylie Gable

Genres: #AprilFools #Feminization #Humiliation


They humiliated him, bullied him, and feminized him. Now, ten years later, they've all grown up and even April regrets how mean she was to Paul...Or does she?

When Paul finds himself living in the same condo as the woman who has filled both his dreams and nightmares for the last decade, he has no idea how to react. Like a moth drawn to a flame, he is April's Fool.

An 8,500 word erotic story for adults only containing forced feminization, humiliation, bondage, and female domination.

"Then he met Sondra. She was the kind of girl that he had always dreamed of, but couldn't get close to in high school. She was stunning, with raven black hair and big almond eyes, and she was shapely enough to model part time.

She loved him and never let him doubt that she was all his, even though she had a wild side. Her wildness brought him out of his shell, and led him to experience thrills that he would never have dreamed of on his own. He was determined to ask Sondra to move in with him and planned that they'd eventually get engaged. As he thought about his wondrous plans with Sondra, deep inside him, an old terror stirred. Its name was April Blackwell.

Paul reached down, pulled out his high school yearbook from his bookshelf, and began leafing through the pages. There must have been a dozen pictures of Paul as Nicole. April's friend Ashley was the editor, and managed to insert several shots of Nicole into the book. Then there was his graduation picture. That morning, he'd arrived in his navy blue suit only to be accosted by the girls and led into an empty bathroom.

They made him over and brought him to the auditorium for senior pictures with him wearing a black lace dress; his order form was changed from Paul Henner to Nicole Henner. It was so humiliating to have thrust out his chest and cup his face in his manicured hand in those girlish poses the professional photographer demanded, all the time knowing that they'd be immortalized in his senior yearbook. He wondered why he didn't just burn the damn thing.

Now April was back again, hotter than ever, and asking for forgiveness. Paul had to think long and hard about this. He had prided himself on moving past those high school humiliations. He wanted to just leave her in the past with his antiquated flip phone and the old Spice Girls and Britney CDs they'd made him buy."

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