Mated - The Wolf Pack Book 1

By: Avery Gale

Genres: #Paranormal #Shifter #MenageATrois


Centuries of tradition have bound your soul to ours so tightly that neither time no trial could separate us. In Book 1 of the Wolf Pack series: Kit has avoided her parents increasing pressure to marry for years. Granted, her shifter parents refer to it as mating, but Kit isn't one to split hairs over semantics when the results will be the same. She'll lose her freedom and being under the control of an Alpha male doesn't appeal to her in the least. Kit knows that mating will also bring on her magical powers and what many would consider a gift comes with some hefty baggage. After seeing the burden those powers have been to her mother and grandmother, Kit is in no hurry to join in the never-ending battle between good and evil.
But an evening of dancing with a friends ends Kit's hope of avoiding her destiny. Jameson and Trevlon Wolf had traveled the world looking for their mate, and they'd almost given up finding her when she walks in to their New York City dance club. But they quickly discover convincing the fiery-haired beauty to give them one week to prove being their mate won't be the end of the world was the easy part, because protecting her is going to be a lifelong challenge.

Author's Bio:

I am so excited to introduce a new series...The Morgans of Pine Creek, Montana will follow five of Montana's most eligible bachelors, Morgan brothers. You'll also meet their extended family and friends.

They are an eclectic group! But their family bond is strong despite their differences.

You'll enjoy the same steamy love scenes and sassy heroines that define my books! (And a few surprise elements as well!)


A big SHOUT OUT to all of the readers who have let me know how much they enjoy my all are the reason I love writing! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for you support!

Writing is an escape from normal - which bores me to distraction. I'm sure my family would assure you I haven't even been in normal's neighborhood in years so I probably don't have a real solid grasp of the concept.

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