Shame On Her Fantasy Edition

By: K. C. Silkwood

Genres: #Historical #Embarrassed NF #Public Sex


One of the hottest series in erotic fiction just got a new spin! In Shame On Her: Fantasy Edition, journey to a land of knights, kings, and wizards, a mystic place where even regal queens and warrior women find themselves stripped, shamed, and publicly humiliated!

Shame On Her: Fantasy Edition contains the stories "Shaming the Queen," "Shaming the Innkeeper's Daughter," and "Shaming the Tribeswoman."

"Shaming the Queen" - When the kingdom of Omerra suffers a devastating loss to Cragmont on the battlefield, Queen Jasinda is forced to swear her undying loyalty and obedience to Cragmont's brash young king. But she never dreamed she would have to strip naked and kneel before him in front of all her subjects! Even after the kneeling queen "apologizes" to the king in a very personal manner, she still receives a public spanking as punishment for her treason.

"Shaming the Innkeeper's Daughter" - Teenage Goran has just begun his apprenticeship as a sorcerer, but so far the only magic he can perform is to move light objects, like pieces of cloth. But when Goran learns that his new powers enable him to manipulate the clothing of the girls in his village, he's soon raising skirts and yanking down blouses right and left. For his grand performance, Goran catches the lovely innkeeper's daughter bathing in a pond and makes the girl chase after her clothing in the nude as Goran uses his magic to send it skittering across the countryside.

"Shaming the Tribeswoman" - Teegan and Malva, two members of the White Wolf tribe, constantly compete for the best kill during the daily hunt. But when Teegan's arrogance becomes too great, Malva challenges her to a fight. Teegan ends up beaten and stripped naked, then the younger girl must serve as Malva's slave for the day. First she has to fetch firewood, carry water, and do all sorts of other chores in the nude. Then Teegan is obligated to perform more "personal" services for both Malva and her husband.

Author's Bio:
K.C. Silkwood is the pseudonym of a professional author who has been active in the mainstream publishing world for over ten years. The inspiration for her spicy tales of humiliation comes from her own experiences as a teenager. "In high school, I was skinny, flat as a board, and not very pretty," says Silkwood. "My best friend's older sister, who was a knockout with a killer body, used to make fun of me all the time. The day she lost her bikini bottom at a pool party in front of dozens of people-and the way she was teased and humiliated afterwards-turned out to be a huge inspiration for me!"

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