A Secret Baby With The Step

By: Tori Westwood

Genres: #Pregnant #Step-Incest #Unprotected Sex


Forbidden Taboo Romance

Jean is desperate for a little bundle of joy to call her own. She feels starting a family with new husband Andrew would be the perfect symbol of their new-found love. Having tried to become pregnant a number of times though, Jean's worst fears are realized when she learns she is infertile.

Madison speaks to Andrew about her Mother's predicament and hints that she may be able to help make her happy again by giving her what she desperately wants. Her boyfriend Jayce is going to take more than a little convincing though!

Madison hatches a plan to have Jayce make her pregnant and then give the baby up for adoption, knowing her Mother will come to its rescue. And if she can't have Jayce's seed, there's only one person to turn to next, but Andrew has other ideas. When he finally relents Madison gets the surprise of her life as she discovers he's not as gentle as she imagined as he takes her in a hard, unprotected bout of foolish lust.

Author's Bio:

Tori Westwood is a top-100 writer of illicit erotica that'd make a porn-star blush. If you like your stories with a risque punch and a side-order of taboo, have a look inside some of her more popular titles. When she isn't writing about herself in the third person, Tori sometimes refers to herself as 'I.'

She despises long walks and thinks watching the sun set is OK, but she'd much rather have a large glass of wine and a night in with her other half.

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