His Secret Milking Machine

By: Tori Westwood

Genres: #Lactating #StepIncest #AnalSex


Man Of The House, Lactation

His Secret Milking Machine Series Book 1

Brandy's had a bad night. After her boyfriend breaks up with her she's forced to walk home alone through the rain, arriving back soaking wet and weary. The big, strong man of the house comforts her the same way he's always done, only this time the sexual undertones feel very heavy and very real as he marvels at her moist, mature body. Soon, he and Brandy are tearing each other's clothes off, keen to cross the forbidden line.

Things get saucier still when Brandy stumbles across His Secret Milking Machine and her curiosity gets the best of her. And when he hooks up his old sex-swing, well, things go into overdrive!

Warning : This 7000+ word story contains illicit sex between the man of the house and the girl under his roof, a hot bout of milking, one amazing sex-swing and Brandy's first-time anal.

Author's Bio:

Tori Westwood is a top-100 writer of illicit erotica that'd make a porn-star blush. If you like your stories with a risque punch and a side-order of taboo, have a look inside some of her more popular titles. When she isn't writing about herself in the third person, Tori sometimes refers to herself as 'I.'

She despises long walks and thinks watching the sun set is OK, but she'd much rather have a large glass of wine and a night in with her other half.

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