DAMSELS IN DISTRESS: Pulp Magazine And Comic Book Covers Featuring Women In Grave Danger

By: Jonathan H. McAuley

Genres: #Magazine #Capture Themes #Graphic Violence

Beginning in the 1930s many pulp magazine publishers discovered that sex sells, with the women on the covers displayed in various stages of undress or even appearing to be completely nude, usually caused by circumstances beyond their control.

When the postal authorities cracked down on the pulp magazine industry because of these titillating images, many magazine publishers switched to the growing comic book genre which allowed them to continue the "Woman-In-Grave-Danger" theme, although with less flesh exposed, the women were still provocatively posed and the ropes or other restraints strategically placed to show off the woman's natural 'charms', a trend the continues to this day

The following pages contain a sample of these pulp magazine and comic book covers.

Many of these magazines and comic books are highly collectible, mainly due to the graphic covers. Many collectors seek covers featuring a certain genre, such as detective, action, horror, etc. while other collectors follow a certain artist across many different magazine or comic publishers while still others collect magazine and comic book covers featuring a specific theme, such as space aliens, bondage or even octopuses.


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