Bent Over For The Boss: The Naughty Office Girls, Book 1

By: Stacie Supple

Genres: #Audio Book #Boss Seduction #Office Sex


Audible - Unabridged

The Naughty Office Girls Short Stories

Hal Price is a successful business man. He controls a lion's share of the sex toy industry on the West coast where he is known as the "Marital Aid" emperor. Hal's executive secretary says he should try some of his own products at home to spice up his marriage, but that is only when she was not letting the boss man get in her own panties. Four beautiful powerful women essentially run the company, and keep the boss happy in more ways than one.

There is one exception though. Mandy, head of shipping and packaging refuses to screw Hal. Her loyalty to the company is tested one day when she makes a mistake that could cost the company its biggest client, and she has to choose between her values and keeping her job.

This first installment of The Naughty Office Girls series, puts the listener on a roller coaster of ecstasy with the continuous romps that occur on Hal's desk and in his office. This story will have you wondering why nothing like this happens in your office, and it will leave you wanting more hot and steamy sex, and waiting for book two.

Author's Bio:

Stacie Supple is a thirty something writer of prime time Erotica. Supple says sex is a natural expression of one's self, the less inhibited, the better the self esteem, and of course, the better the sex!

She considers herself a nerd, but adds that nerds have some of the wildest imaginations.

When Supple lets her imagination run loose it bounds from fetish to fetish. She says that nothing in her sex life is the "norm." And that's why her writing holds no bounds!

When Mistress Stacie does not have a sub worshiping her size 7 feet, painting her toenails, licking her soles or sucking on her toes, she is writing her next provocative short story or reading the Wall Street Journal.

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