The Secret Life Of Girls

By: Chloe Thurlow

Genres: #Audio Book #Revenge Sex #Blackmail


Audible - Unabridged

After the gardener spanks her bottom and a nun at her elite finishing school seduces her in the catacombs, Bella realizes that sex was what she was born for. She adores wearing a dildo and deflowering virgins just as much as she adores indulging the roguish Christian Thomas with his addiction to fruit salads and bondage.

Then Bella's world comes tumbling down. She learns that her beloved Ickham Manor doesn't belong to her, it belongs to her wicked stepfather. Sex has been fun. Now it is the weapon she uses to put her world back together again. Bella entraps her stepfather in a lewd act on video. She stars in a porn flick and, as her song on the soundtrack makes her a tabloid celebrity, Bella is at the beginning of an erotic ride into the showbiz world of pain and perversion, of domination and glorious submission.

In this a fictionalized memoir of Bella, we meet the marvellously drawn 18 year old shortly after the death of her father. Her scheming mother remarries Simon Daviditz, a lawyer who secretly buys the manor house left in trust to Bella to pay off her father's debts. The betrayal cuts Bella to the core - the house is a part of her. She has nothing left - except she is beautiful, bold and unafraid to use sex to get revenge - as well as for her own pleasure.

"This is a work of erotic genius. I was gripped by this strong young protagonist who must find her way with no help from her aloof mother and lustful stepfather. The author beautifully captures the atmosphere of the English countryside...boarding schools run by nuns, and what it's like to be a gorgeous girl searching for her sexual identity, artistic success (she aspires to being a pop star), and, ultimately, revenge on her mother and stepfather for their betrayals." 5***** Katie Dylan, author of Cult of Beauty,

Author's Bio:

Chloe Thurlow lives in a Chelsea attic and writes her stories from two to six in the dead hours of night. At twenty-seven, Chloe is the author of three erotic novels praised for their lyrical writing style and unblushing sensuality.

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