Spanked By Her Brother - Book 1

By: Breanna Carter

Genres: #Taboo Topic #Spanking #Bad Girl


After the death of her parents, the spirited teenage Brianna lives with her big brother Terrence, and though she loves him and knows he is always looking out for her, she often causes him grief. For example, when she is caught shoplifting a CD, Terrence is called to the store. He is not impressed when he learns what his sister has done, and gives her a spanking when she gets home. On another occasion, Brianna and her friend Stephanie decide to skip class to go see the new Star Wars movie. Their plan goes well ... until they are caught by Terrence. This time, it isn't just Brianna who gets a spanking, but Stephanie too! It seems Brianna has a natural talent for getting in trouble - she cheats on a school test, she drives Terrence's car without permission, and she gets busted when selling marijuana at school.

It is Terrence who tries to instill acceptable standards of behavior. Firm, fair and loving, he sets the rules, and when Bri breaks them - which she frequently does - he disciplines her.

Author's Bio:

Breanna Carter has written over 200 spanking stories since the age of 15. Her work has been featured in CF Publications, and her first full-length ebook (Spanked by Her Brother) was published in April 2016 by LSF Publications.

Outside of spanking, Breanna enjoys international travel (36 countries so far!), roller coasters, philosophizing, photography, thinking about sociology, guitar hero and being spontaneous.

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