Dangerous Games: An Alpha's Mate 4

By: Arian Wulf

Genres: #Paranormal #AlphaMales #DebtPaymentSex


It is necessary, and she does it because she wants to survive. Desperation takes her to a pub in the middle of nowhere where she joins a poker game in hopes of winning money she needs to make rent. The last thing she expects to happen is to have her secret discovered by three Alpha werewolves.

She is suddenly caught in a game that she doesn’t know the rules to. She doesn’t know that there’re none.

When the Alphas want something, they take it. And what they want, is Nora Cage.

Author's Bio:

Arian Wulf has always loved supernatural stories and wished they were just a little more... frisky.

Less plot, more sex, thank you very much!

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