131 Dirty Talk Examples: Learn How To Talk Dirty...

By: Elizabeth Cramer

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Are you one of those people who want to spice up their love life with the addition of dirty talk, longing to hear certain words or phrases whispered, moaned, growled, or simply uttered but just plain don't know how to get started?

The first thing to understand is that dirty talk isn't dirty. There's nothing shameful or wrong about it.

Men and women are hard-wired differently. Men like to hear, while women like to visualize, and that's completely natural too. A man wants to hear what their partner wants done to them, or wants to do for them before it's done. Hearing the words, screamed, moaned, whimpered, or whispered just flat out does it for most men.

Women like to hear the words and imagine what those words or phrases will mean to them, how their partner will react, or how something will feel, even seconds or milliseconds beforehand, giving their brains time to process the possibilities, thus heightening the sensations.

In this guide you will learn 131 tried-and-tested, proven-to-work phrases you can use for getting your partner in the mood, during foreplay, during & after love making. Both for-man & for-woman phrases are included. You will learn many ways to get started talking dirty and how to build it up gradually so you are comfortable & sound confident when you say them. Using correctly they will make your lover addicted to your voice & drive him/her wild in bed.

Author's Bio:

Elizabeth Cramer is a sex therapist, BDSM educator, and the author of several best selling sex education books.

At age of 29, Elizabeth graduated with Master's degree in psychology and earned certification for private therapy practice. While she was qualified in counselling for a variety of situations, she decided to focus on sex therapy. As a side business, she would speak as a part-time lecturer at her old university and others on the topic of sex education and human sexuality.

While her practice flourishes, in her spare time, Elizabeth writes books to enlighten the public on alternative lifestyles. She has also authored several romance novels and erotica.

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