The Accidental Domme

By: Jim Lyon

Genres: #Dominatrix #Bi Sexual #Sexual Awakening


The Accidental Domme is a fun, imaginative and erotic lesbian D/s story with a little hetero femdom thrown in for good measure. During a weak moment while in-between girl friends, Wendy agrees to become a key holder for a friend to help him indulge his chastity fetish. This seemingly innocuous act inadvertently leads to the discovery of her affinity for dominating others and a career as a no-nonsense personal trainer for bottoms and pony girls/boys.

Author's Bio:

Jim liked the idea of becoming a writer from an early age, although specializing in erotica was not what he initially envisioned. While attending college he dabbled in various writing pursuits ranging from play writing to entertainment journalism, and probably would have tried his hand at writing erotica if the opportunity had presented itself; alas, it did not.

It wasn't until the Internet came along and websites offering erotic stories of every description began popping up that Jim had his first inclination to write smut. After visiting a few sites that featured user written kinky stories, most of which were terrible, he quickly realized that he could do a much better job. And he was right. Before long he found himself moonlighting as the story editor for the now-defunct, one of the naughtier websites of that era.

Fast forward several years and Jim decided to transition from erotica hobbyist to professional. He spent several months writing his first book-length erotic story and then steeled himself to the task of finding a publisher. He sent his first round of queries out on a Thursday and the following Monday received a terse email that read: "We like your book. Will send a contract soon." And thus his career as an erotic writer began in earnest. He has since published six kinky books and had several stories included in various anthologies.

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