The Werewolf's Tale

By: Richard Jaccoma

Genres: #Shifter #Dark #Historical


...She was an enormous, silver timber wolf, unquestionably a female, twice the size of any wolf I'd ever seen. Her muzzle was on a level with my chest. Her eyes were emerald green, and they glowed with an impossible light. I knew she could only be a dream.
But then her paws smashed into my chest and I tumbled into the gutter.
I tried to get up. She straddled me, loomed over me, silver and sparkling against the night. I smelled the musk of her fur, pungent, sweet; saw her wet, glistening white teeth big as daggers.
Her muzzle dipped toward my throat; her breath steamed against my face in panting clouds; her eyes never left mine. I made a last, hopeless attempt to turn my face away.
"Hold still, damn you! Don't you dare move!"
Her vicious thoughts roared in my mind. Words of the beast.
She stared through me as her fangs locked onto the flesh of my throat.
She blinked; her eyes glowed through the membranous lids. Her daggers sank slowly through my flesh. I felt her warm, rough tongue lapping my blood. She growled softly, musically, a growl of very great pleasure.
"Delicious. You are delicious, my darling!"
Then she bit deeper....

Author's Bio:

RICHARD JACCOMA has worked in adult publishing most of his adult life. He was editor of PURITAN, America's first XXX "Artcore" glossy; managing editor and writer for Al Goldstein's SCREW; an editor at HIGH SOCIETY; writer for HUSTLER, PENTHOUSE/FORUM and CLUB. The Werewolf's Tale grew from an erotic supernatural short story first published in PURITAN.

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