Superhero Diminished: Shrunken And At Her Mercy

By: Taedis

Genres: #Science Fiction #Giantess #Macrophilia


At only 36 he was one of the most well respected men in his fields. And there were several fields that he poured his talents into. Electronics, chemistry, physics, engineering, quantum mechanics, the list went on. His opinion was listened to at the highest levels of the scientific community. When he spoke world leaders paid attention. He held a prestigious post in one of the nation's finest universities.

And that was just his day job.

Professor Carter made one breakthrough that never made it into the scientific journals. He figured out a way to cheat physics and shrink himself down to the size of a grain of sand and grow back up to his full height. He wove that technology into a suit and became the masked super hero Valence.

He had it all. Respect. Influence. A life of intellectual challenges and thrilling adventures.

Until one day he had a chance encounter with a nobody super villain that no one had ever heard of. A freak accident damages his super suit and he finds himself shrinking uncontrollably in front of the last person that he wants to be vulnerable in front of - Joy Turner.

Joy isn't a super villain. She has no super powers. She has no amazing technology. She's just another graduate student in one of Professor Carter's physics classes. She is rude, cruel, and openly disrespectful of the Professor's position and authority. When she sees the man she hates reduced to a weak, tiny six inches she takes him away from the world he knows and traps him in a waking nightmare.

Valence, the super hero who has fought off mad scientists, alien invaders, and unimaginable superhuman threats, now finds himself stripped of his powers and at the mercy of his vindictive former student. He had beaten some of the greatest criminal masterminds in human history, but finds himself unable to escape from Joy Turner, reduced to living like a rat in her small college apartment. Surviving on scraps of her food. Desperately trying to outwit his brilliant captor; trying to return to a normal human existence.

Will Professor Carter prove smart enough to out think his former student?

(An erotic science fiction novella, 30,000 words, complete and unabridged.)

Warning: This work of fiction contains adult material and explicit scenes, including erotic shrinking, masturbation, female domination, extreme verbal humiliation, mannequin erotica, dehumanizing pet play, and other adult themes. For mature audiences only. All characters are over 18 years of age.

Author's Bio:

I realized at a young age that I had a rather offbeat imagination. Something that I've retained into adulthood. I've also had an interest in many forms of kink and fetish and hope to share the strange little stories that I dream up with a wider audience.

I'm taking my first steps in the world of e-publishing and hope to build a large library of erotic tales that cover the range of kinks that I have gravitated to over the years. My first two pieces involve shrinking men and the female dominants who make their lives interesting. I hope to expand my range into other areas as time and my imagination allow.

You can also like my Facebook page at to see updates on the status of my current work and get other goodies that I can't share here.

Like the old wine cooler commercials used to say, "I thank you for your support."

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