belittled: An Adventure In Size

By: Taedis

Genres: #ScienceFiction #Giantess #Macrophilia


I doubt that name means much to most of you, but in biochemistry circles I'm sort of a big deal. The wunderkind who got his PHD before his first drink and went on to exploit the private sector for all it was worth.

That's where I met Janet. She's the blond on the cover. Probably the reason you stopped to take a look at this. She's my girlfriend. Also the daughter of the ninth richest man on the planet. She calls him Dad; I call him boss. It's a pretty cozy relationship.

It was the hottest summer on record and we were coming into a long holiday weekend. I was the only one in the lab when I got exposed to the chemical cocktail that made up my hypothetical shrinking serum. I skipped a lot of testing and found out it worked like a charm. The only problem was I was four inches tall trying to lift an eight inch test tube of antidote and failing epically.

Then Janet found me.

A good girl would have made me normal again, but Janet was a little more twisted than that. She wanted to play with her action figure sized boyfriend and there was nothing I could do to make her grow me back.

It started out scary, but fun. Exploring her new power and my new vulnerability. Playing with her body in ways that I never thought possible. Being made to do things I never even imagined. Then things happened that even the richest girlfriend in the world couldn't have anticipated and events took a much darker turn.

This is the story of my time as Janet's tiny toy and the shrunken nightmare that my life became when the wrong person found out about me. It is not a tale for the prudish or squeamish.

(Warning: This 100,000 word erotic novel contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts including elements of shrinking fetish, mouth play, BDSM, female domination, verbal humiliation, multiple size changes, insertion, dehumanizing pet play, corporal punishment, water sports, and other mature themes. For mature audiences only.)

(Note: This work was originally released in serial form under the title “belittled season one.” This edition contains all 10 parts and is complete and unabridged.)

Author's Bio:

I realized at a young age that I had a rather offbeat imagination. Something that I've retained into adulthood. I've also had an interest in many forms of kink and fetish and hope to share the strange little stories that I dream up with a wider audience.

I'm taking my first steps in the world of e-publishing and hope to build a large library of erotic tales that cover the range of kinks that I have gravitated to over the years. My first two pieces involve shrinking men and the female dominants who make their lives interesting. I hope to expand my range into other areas as time and my imagination allow.

You can also like my Facebook page at to see updates on the status of my current work and get other goodies that I can't share here.

Like the old wine cooler commercials used to say, "I thank you for your support."

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