Shattered Crystal

By: Jasen Flint

Genres: #Biker #Sex & Drugs #Striptease


Tim and Crystal are blissfully happy together until Shane moves into their quiet little trailer park. The outlaw biker is mysterious, a little dangerous, and ruggedly handsome. Crystal is instantly captivated by his sexy body and no-holds-barred lifestyle.

Shane is happy to help fulfill their sexual fantasies...and then introduce Crystal to the steamy world of stripping, Meth addiction, and drug trafficking.

She's the perfect drug mule...gorgeous, naiive, seductively innocent. No one will ever suspect her of a thing...until it all comes crashing down around her ears!

Author's Bio:

Jasen Flint grew up in rural Montana, where he got into more trouble than he cares to remember. Armed with a library card, and under the watchful eye of his family, he found and explored the world of books and literature. Fueled by the stories of Louis L'amour and Jack London, his world blew wide open. A small-town man, he joined the military to see the world.

Jasen now writes part time, works full time and manages to spend some quality time with his wife, kids and ferocious guard dogs. An avid reader, he continues to devour books at every opportunity.

His writing is grounded in contemporary fiction, with many of his ideas coming from the headlines. Real life, strong, believable characters and an authentic story are what he strives to present to his readers.

Upcoming works include: Adult, Contemporary Romance, Paranormal Sci Fi, and Dystopian Thrillers.

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