Loves, Shifters, & Broken Hearted Messes: Shifter Romance | Supernatural Short Story

By: Arian Wulf

Genres: #Paranormal #Shifter #Romance


She's a human who is able to make it in the savage world of Werewolves, Mages, Vampires and Animal Shifters, with creatures and monstrous beings that put her at a disadvantage at every turn. She doesn't need a man.

At least, that's what she tells herself, but Andrea Brahms isn't just a man. He's her whole world. She loves him and she believes that with him on her side, she can do anything. She thought he loved her the same.

That was before everything fell apart.

Before his obsessed secretary took a knife to her skin and drew on her like a canvas.

Now, he looks at her as if she means nothing to him. No, it's worse than that. He looks at her now like she disgusts him, and he wants nothing to do with her. He cuts off all contact and she's left adrift, abandoned with nothing but nightmares and a best friend who refuses to give up on her.

Kristine is a survivor. She doesn't need Andrea back in her life.

But just when she finally learns to pick up her own broken pieces and move on with a Tiger Shifter who thinks the world of her, she finds out that things with Andrea aren't at all as they appear. There are so many things beyond her understanding and perhaps he hasn't stopped loving her after all...

Author's Bio:

Arian Wulf has always loved supernatural stories and wished they were just a little more... frisky.

Less plot, more sex, thank you very much!

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