Wings, Airplanes, & Sexy Wolf Pilots: Werewolf Romance | Supernatural Short Story

By: Arian Wulf

Genres: #Paranormal #Shifter #Romance


As part of the Prey Integration Program, Penny and several Prey Shifters leave the safety of their homes and join Predator Shifters in a world that is completely foreign to them. Unlike her peers, Penny's distinctive large wings protruding from her back makes it impossible for her to hide what she is and draws all kinds of unwanted attention, including the obsession of a Snake Shifter who thinks he's the best person to take care of her.

Penny doesn't want to be taken care of. She's an independent young woman who just wants to work hard and provide for her family back home. Between her training in an Air Steward Program where she has little chance of actually graduating and the unwanted advances from the slimy Snake Shifter, she has enough on her plate to worry about. She doesn't need a hopeless crush on her course instructor on top of it.

But what if the crush isn't as hopeless as she thinks?

Author's Bio:

Arian Wulf has always loved supernatural stories and wished they were just a little more... frisky.

Less plot, more sex, thank you very much!

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