Sexing the Unicorn: Seven Stories Of Girls Who Bang Couples

By: Violet Blue

Genres: #MenageATrois #Couples #SexualExperimentation


Single girls who hunt couples for sex are called unicorns -- and these sought-after sirens prove that the hottest threesomes have the hungriest girls in the middle. The unicorns in these smart stories of erotic risk and reward are rare, precious, they like "virgins," and they make everyone's fantasies come true.

Here, rapacious single girls revel in the sexual combinations only a couple can provide. A college girl seduces her dorm neighbors into no-holds-barred first-time exploration. A boyfriend is deliciously tortured by his scheming girlfriend and her best friend. A wife is put on display by a husband wiling to let voracious unicorns have their way. A peep show worker discovers she'll do anything for a demanding couple who visits her booth.

These are a few of the expertly crafted stories in Sexing the Unicorn. Between each story, readers enjoy sex tips about threesomes (if they want to "try this at home"), and saucy themed cocktail recipes. Because the legendary "little black dress" is the weapon of choice for unicorns, a cocktail contest was held to determine which drink would be the book's perfect "Little Black Dress" elixir. That drink, a sublime combination of flavors in a lipstick-matching color, comprises the book's second chapter and was invented by the amazing Lesley Solmonson.

Author's Bio:

Violet Blue's journalism on hacking, privacy, LGBT issues and sex can be seen at Engadget, ZDNet, CNET, CBS News, Oprah Magazine, MacLife, Playboy, SF Appeal, the San Francisco Chronicle, and more. She has presented two Google Tech Talks on sexuality and privacy, she is a crisis counselor, a harm reduction educator and a media crisis NGO trainer. Blue was the first female podcaster, she won a Federal lawsuit to stop an impersonator (in name and likeness), and she lost a domain to Libya -- her initials are banned for use in URLs country-wide.

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