By: Houston Cei

Genres: #Paranormal #Interracial #Romance


Book 1 of "Enchantment in Paradise"

Susan is a sexually frustrated young woman. Her few experiences have been unfulfilling, and she aches for satisfaction. Then at a homecoming party for her brother on leave from the Marines, she meets her soulmate-his best buddy, a handsome, buffed Afro-American. It’s instant attraction and lots of lust. Mom’s sorcery nudges their romance along.


Houston Cei wrote a soft erotic book
One I’m glad I decided I should take a look
It starts off with Emily, a tomboy who blossoms
And her college love life which is pretty awesome

Emily chooses Robert over a lesbian life
And becomes the absolute best loving wife
She has two kids; Richard and Susan
Susan’s attraction to Richard’s friend Lonny is no illusion

Emily pays for an ‘enchanted’ vacation for the pair
But how really ‘enchanted’ it was they were not aware
Their amazing physical lovemaking was ‘out of this world’
And their spiritual love for each other became totally unfurled

What is it about Emily that makes all things good?
Buy this book to find out, I think you should!

Kinky Richie from Kinky Literature, May 15, 2019

Author's Bio:

Houston enjoys writing erotica with strong story lines and interesting characters. His fictional characters seem to him like real people and he feels their sorrows and their joys. Although some fans of erotica want to read of sexual encounters early in the stories, Houston's style usually involves a buildup of actions that lead to intense sex. He asks his readers to be patient as the stories always lead to graphic descriptions of meaningful sex, and hopefully the reader is not left wanting more...until the next time. This author writes to entertain and makes no moral judgments about sexual acts even when involving areas of taboo.

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