By: Camille Carida

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After a radioactive lollipop turns Beaver Sparker into LICK-IT MAN, women all across the globe are empowered with "enlightened orgasms" and men have the perfect role model. Author Camille Carida creates a hilarious, smart, and sexy laugh out loud full-color 65 page graphic novel. Beautifully illustrated by Marvel and DC Comics artist Joe Quinones, this award-winning ebook is a playful and twisted comedic take on the superhero genre combining bawdy sexuality, tongue in cheek humor, and tinges of political satire.

Authors Bio:

Camille Carida is a filmmaker, actor and writer living in Los Angeles. She was born in Newark, NJ to an Italian father and Irish mother. Camille grew up in South Florida and graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Trinity College in Hartford, CT. Camille's love for writing began at a very young age when she created and wrote film strips based on the adventures of Budgie the friendly alien. She has appeared on the Emmy winning show FRASIER and Comedy Central's CHOCOLATE NEWS. Camille is also an etiquette expert and cracked the whip on Hef's youngest live-in Kendra on the E! reality show THE GIRLS NEXT DOOR. Her hilarious, playful and sexy graphic novel and ebook LICK-IT MAN are based on the award-winning short film of the same name. DC and Marvel Comics artist Joe Quinones is the icing on the LICK-IT MAN cake with his incredible and fresh talent. Camille lives in the Silverlake area of Los Angeles and has a mind reading cat named Cisco.

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