Yuma: The Legend Of A Heroine

By: Nicolas Beretta

Genres: #Comics #PowerfulWomen #Fantasy


A Fantasy Graphic Novel

THAT MORNING, Yuma awakes in the midst of a nightmare. A hobo finds her half naked among the trash, blood-thirsty killers are pursuing her, an old crazed man, unknown to Yuma, takes great risks to protect her and inexplicable phenomena turn her very existence into turmoil. And the worst part of it all, is that Yuma doesn't remember a thing. That morning, Yuma opened her eyes onto her own legend...

Author's Bio:

Nicolas Beretta has a Masters in science and technology in chemistry and plant sciences and a Masters in sales & marketing. The birth of his daughter forces him to ponder on the true meaning of life. From that very moment, he decides to make his dreams his main objective. His wish is that The Legend of Yuma serves as an example to his children.

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