Bad Boys Are So Good With Their Hands

By: Veronica Sloan

Genres: #BadBoy #Voyeurism #SexualAwakening


He's too handsome, too smart, and way too good in bed. Mona won't admit she likes him, especially not while he's dating her roommate Jessica. If only she hadn't seen them having sex. Now she can't stop thinking about it! When Jessica decides to break up with John, she begs Mona to do it for her. Alone with this horny beast, will Mona allow John to seduce her?

Author's Bio:

Veronica Sloan writes very dirty stories. Her erotica is explicit and steamy, and no topic is too taboo. A Chicago girl at heart, Veronica graduated from the Columbia School of Journalism with every intention of writing very important things about very important people. Currently, she spends her days writing about pop culture and her nights writing about lusty young men and their naughty predilections. She loves big dogs, hot yoga and songs that are stupidly catchy.

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