By: Jaeleen Bennis And Eve Minax

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"An ecstatic exploration of the senses through light bondage, sensory deprivation, erotic massage, and sensation play."


"Expand your skillset, dazzle your clients, and increase your income with Bondassage Practitioner Certification."


"If kinky massage rocks your world, get ready to go into orbit. Bondassage is the most deliciously exquisite sensual domination experience you've ever had."

Let me be your guide

Private Bondassage for Couples coaching is a safe, playful, creative way to stretch your intimate boundaries and expand your erotic repertoire. It's a lovely way to rekindle the passion and desire in your relationship. You'll become more sensitive and adventurous with each other as you reach new levels of intimacy and sensuality.

Working with me gives you the confidence and freedom to explore new techniques, new erogenous zones, and delicious new areas of sensory pleasure. And it's all very low key and comfortable. We begin by getting to know each other over by phone or Skype. We'll then tailor your coaching to your needs and interests, and the dynamics of your relationship.

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