Sexy Adventures

By: Matthew Lee

Genres: #Hotwife #SexualDiscovery #Anthology


A Two Story Hotwife anthology. In the first we meet a young couple who on impulse go to a Vegas sex club, and in one night transform into a hotwife-cuckold pair. As Jenny is taken by the handsome Thomas, Mason grapples with his mutual pleasure and terror at her exploration as it evolves over the course of the evening.

Not only does he love - and hate - that she loves the sex, he loves that others, in this public sex setting, watch her pleasure and his humiliation. And he loves that Thomas, a stud whom most of the women present lust for, chooses Mason’s wife as the most attractive.

That it all takes place in one night is powerful. Jenny unfolds and Mason must come to terms with it, including his own role in enabling her, without any period to reflect, discuss or process it all.

In the second story, Joey one night accidentally spies on houseguests, Cliff and Janice, during their lovemaking. He sees how the otherwise pudgy and undistinguished Cliff is enormously hung. Cliff and Joey’s wife Mindy had been a friends from a very young age although Mindy never saw Cliff as a man, always just a friend. Joey knows Cliff always had a crush on Mindy.

Joey in the instant of watching Cliff and Janice knows he wants to see him with Monica, and when Janice has to return home prematurely, Joey sows the seed of possibility.

Author's Bio:

Author Matthew Lee started the Hotwife lifestyle with his first girlfriend at age sixteen. Virtually every relationship he had from then to now has had some form of sharing included. The books you read here are based on a lifetime of Matthew's sexual experiences.

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