Erotic Urban Legends: Broken Wings

By: Alexa Nichols

Genres: #Paranormal #Drama #Erotica


That was not the strangest thing that had happened to him that day...

His daughter had been gone exactly 20 years. His wife died shortly after. To cope, he threw himself into his career, eventually becoming a successful psychologist to the wealthy.

And then everything started to unravel.

He couldn’t quit shaking. Strange visitors began stalking him. His daughter’s past was coming back to haunt him.

And to top everything off, the apocalypse, or Exitium Mundī, was rapidly approaching.

This novelette reveals events leading up to Nephilim: Daybreak, but takes place in the middle of Nephilim: Slaughter. Please note that reading neither book is necessary to enjoy this story.

Author's Bio:

A motherfucking princess. Who also happens to be a writer. I like to mix erotica, romance, and paranormal in my writing. Huge fan of the word “motherfucker.” ❤

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