Take My Wife: The Entire Hot Wife Sharing Trilogy

By: Delores Swallows

Genres: #Hotwife #Shared #Anthology


Bon Voyeur

Another man in their bed? Madness! Sophie and Jim had never done it before - heck, it was only supposed to be a fantasy to get them in the mood for each other. What if Sophie likes it too much? What if Jim has second thoughts when he sees his beautiful wife taken by another man? What if she enjoys the other man more because he has more to offer?

When the perfect opportunity presents, though, they both jump at the chance.

Joel is tall, handsome, and so much bigger than even Sophie expected! Best of all, he’s moving to the other side of the world, so they need never see him again. If Jim plays this right, Joel won’t even suspect the stranger they’re sharing is his loving wife.

Watching his beautiful Sophie - so vulnerable, so unprotected, so utterly owned - Jim experiences a powerful revelation. It’s sure been fun having a gorgeous wife all to himself, but it’s much more fun to share.

Abuse of Power
Jim’s learning things about himself that he never knew. Surprising things. Like how much he enjoys watching his wife lose herself with another man. Sophie’s learning as well, like how when it comes to male attention, for her it’s a case of the more the merrier.
And Sophie loves getting merry. You might say she’s becoming addicted. Sometimes she needs it so bad she’ll take the initiative herself, even when Jim is not around. For most men, that might be a problem, but Jim is not most men. Just knowing what his loving wife is doing without him, giving herself to those men, letting them have her in every way they can... Yes, he gets jealous, but if Sophie tells him everything, how she becomes so needy that she simply relinquishes her will, it can be almost as good as being there.
Drunk on the seemingly inexhaustible depth of his wife’s libido, Jim oversteps at a swinging party and starts directing Sophie’s lovers, telling them where they should finish. Finally, Sophie cracks. Sticky, degraded, angry, she strikes back and gives her cuckold husband a taste of his own medicine... or at least, her lovers’ medicine.

Global Playground
Jim is a simple man with simple needs. He's lives in a nice house on a nice street, he's got a good job, and he plays tennis to wind down. And on weekends he kisses his wife Sophie goodbye when she goes off to swingers' parties to service her ever - escalating needs. Billionaires, porn stars, dancers - one at a time or all at once, it doesn't matter to Sophie. She'll take it every way she can get it and relay all the juicy details to Jim when she gets home.

Life is good. Too good, you might say. For a voyeur like Jim, his open marriage is damn near perfect. Little bit of wife-watching, little bit of playing around... what more could a man want? Well there's only one answer to the eternal question, and that's the eternal truth. He wants what he can't have - romantic dates, curling up in front of a fire, sweet togetherness - and while Sophie is off jet-setting with wealthy men to service her needs, Jim falls into a comfortable friendship with Naomi, a stunning older woman and self-described cougar.

For a man who's known nothing but chocolate-chip, where's the harm in trying vanilla for once? Just a little taste... maybe a scoop...

Author's Bio:

Delores Swallows has many dirty thoughts, and during his free time he writes them down in the form of stories. Born and bred in the northwest of England, he has a commoner’s accent and a bit of a crush on his future queen (Kate, not Camilla!).

His stories often feature petite brunettes, high-heeled shoes and voyeurism. He claims he didn’t realize these were obsessions until someone pointed out how often they appear in his work.

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