Micromanaged: A Shrink Inc Novel

By: Taedis

Genres: #Science Fiction #Giantess #Macrophilia


Until the Stovent Company opened their doors for business.

Most people don't recognize Richard Stovent's name or the company that bears it. “The Stovent Company” doesn't fit a headline or chyron as neatly as “Shrink Inc” does so most people don't associate the dour sounding name with the company that claims to have revolutionized humanity. But anyone paying attention knows the name that pushed through sweeping legislation, altered the social landscape, and introduced technology that stepped out of a science fiction movie.

The Stovent Company perfected technology that could shrink a bull elephant to the size of a house cat or a fully grown man to the size of a doll.

There were, of course, catches.

The process was irreversible; once shrunk the target could never return to normal.

In order to avoid liability any person wanting to be “resized” had to sign away all of their rights. Not only as a citizen, but as a human being. Once shrunk they would become property to be bought, sold, or bartered at the whims of their new owners.

No one thought they'd find even one person willing to be turned into a human toy, but they soon had a waiting list of people willing to spend fortunes to become nothing. The first human shrinking subject, known only as Patient Zero, was shrunk to the size of a postage stamp before the ink was dry on the legislation legalizing his shrinking.

At least that's the story the networks want you to believe. The truth is a bit dirtier than that. A sordid little tale of a cliché of a man who risked his life not so much for science so much as the fame and money they could make him.

His experiment was a success; from a certain point of view. He walked into the chamber a fully grown man only to come out the other side half an inch tall.

The only person who knew about the experiment was his gorgeous and much put upon secretary. She had undergone months of degrading treatment only to now find her pig of a boss literally in the palm of her hand.

On that day John Harper left his life of sleeping in, taking long lunches, and hitting on his secretary. Traded that in for a life of a lab rat living in a plastic prison. Slowly devolving from business leader, to pet, to foot slave to his former underling. Stripped of his clothing, his money, his power, and position he must do whatever he can to survive, in the hopes that he will one day be allowed to return to the human life that had been abruptly taken from him.

(An erotic science fiction novel, 50,000 words, complete and unabridged.)

Warning: This work of fiction contains adult material and explicit scenes, including erotic shrinking, masturbation, female domination, foot fetish, BDSM, verbal humiliation, and body worship. For mature audiences only. All characters are over 18 years of age

Author's Bio:

I realized at a young age that I had a rather offbeat imagination. Something that I've retained into adulthood. I've also had an interest in many forms of kink and fetish and hope to share the strange little stories that I dream up with a wider audience.

I'm taking my first steps in the world of e-publishing and hope to build a large library of erotic tales that cover the range of kinks that I have gravitated to over the years. My first two pieces involve shrinking men and the female dominants who make their lives interesting. I hope to expand my range into other areas as time and my imagination allow.

You can also like my Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/FetishVillage to see updates on the status of my current work and get other goodies that I can't share here.

Like the old wine cooler commercials used to say, "I thank you for your support."

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