The Great Sorority Sissy Hunt: Part One: The Plan

By: Kylie Gable, Sally Bend And Others

Genres: #Sorority #Kidnapping #Feminization


Soon, they turn the unused wing in their house into the sissy wing and with each pair of sisters taking one guy, they begin to put their plan into motion. Some are chosen for their looks, or their attitude, or just because they're in the right place at the wrong time. These girls know what it takes to put a guy in heels and keep him there.

This is the first part of an amazing epic of forced feminization and female domination storytelling, The Great Sorority Sissy Hunt kicks off a series with six authors, and 10 parts, but only requires you to read 3 of them. The middle 7 books detail the sisters pairing up and feminizing their targets. These books can be read in any order and can even be skipped without being lost in the story.

Authors' Bios:

Kylie Gable:

I have been more fortunate than most. When I was in college, I had a life changing experience that I'm only coming to terms with years later. I was forcibly feminized by one amazing girl and her friends. There are a lot of legitimate questions of any writer in the genre of forced feminization, but even more so for someone like me who purports to tell a true story.

The Welcome to College series is my attempt to explore what happened to me over four years of college. It is definitely fictionalized for entertainment's sake, but by writing it, I hope to remember and explore those feelings I had in those wild days of my youth when everything seemed out of my control.

I will also be writing other erotica on such topics as feminization, female domination, bondage, and humiliation. I have written books on much more mundane topics, but I find erotic writing to be quite addicting.

Sally Bend:

Sally Bend is an author, editor, columnist, and reviewer. Although shy and polite (she is, after all, Canadian), she loves to boldly and boisterously express herself through stories that bend the binaries of gender and sexuality.

Her fiction incorporates a wide range of styles, from dark horror to quirky erotica, with her favorite themes being the acceptance of gender identity and the exploration of submissive sexuality.

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