One Night In Gomorrah: First Time Gay

By: Natalie Hothorne

Genres: #Gay #FirstTime #DominationSubmission


My wife, Camilla has always been the stronger personality in our relationship. Since she started exploring her dominant side in the bedroom, our sex life has soared to new levels.

I love it when she calls me Boy and orders me around.

I have a secret, though.

I fear that if she discovers my growing desire to be with another man, she may leave me. Shame and punishment I can handle. In fact, I relish it. But to lose my Queen would be devastating.

As the urge to be with another man grows stronger every day, I wonder if the bond with Camilla will be strong enough or will I risk everything by going First Time Gay

Author's Bio:

My stories are about beautiful, adventurous wives and the confident, open-minded men they love. These stories explore themes not normally associated with traditional romance novels. Subjects like BDSM, open marriages and group sex are examples of what you can expect from a Natalie Hothorne story.

I believe that all sexual expression, as long as it is consensual, is positive sex and should be celebrated.

I am blessed to enjoy a rich and diverse sex life. My second husband, Neil, is very supportive and loving. Like my first husband, he understands my need for self exploration and that it sometimes involves other lovers. I like to believe that my experiences help make me a better writer.

Loving Laurie, my first erotic story, was released on Valentine's Day (my birthday) of 2021.

I was born in the Florida Keys and attended FSU. Neil and I currently live in Indiana with our two two beagles; Randy and Charlie.

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