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Deep Desires Press was started in late 2016 by a small group of authors and editors who are passionate about books. This team includes editors who have worked on bestselling erotica and erotic romance books, as well as bestselling erotica author Cameron D. James.

Recent years have seen great upheavals in the publishing landscape, with many small publishers of erotica and erotic romance going out of business. While each company had its own reasons for going out of business, our intuition is that these houses couldn’t keep up with the rapidly-changing marketplace and/or were structured such that each publication required significant financial overhead.

The founders of Deep Desires Press have experience working with small publishers, both as authors and editors, as well as extensive self-publishing experience, giving us insight and experience that we feel many publishers lack. For example, we know the importance of a modern author’s desire and need to have a hybrid platform that includes self-publishing and/or multiple publishers, thus our contracts do not contain restrictive clauses like the right of first refusal.

At the core of our company, we have two primary objectives. The first is to provide a superior erotic reading experience. The second is to create a community of happy and successful authors, and this includes recognizing and celebrating an author’s success outside of their work with Deep Desires Press.

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