The Bear Goddess: Book 1: The Arcadia Series

By: Kelley Heckart

Genres: #Historical #Paranormal #Romance


This is not a 'short story'. This is $.99 Novel!

Callisto is the nymph who betrayed Artemis. This is her story.

Callisto, the daughter of the great Arcadian King Lycaon and the nymph Maia, has taken a sacred vow of purity, forsaking all others for Artemis, and attains the revered position of Bear Goddess among the nymphs. When she meets Kasin, a follower of Zeus and her sworn enemy, her life is shattered.

Kasin is a centaur prince and one of few who can take human shape. Despite having sworn allegiance to Zeus, he saves the life of one of Artemis’s nymphs. He is torn between his love for Callisto and his duty to his people and his god.

When their secret, forbidden connection is exposed, and they make their escape, danger and betrayal follow Kasin and Callisto. To survive, they must evade a god obsessed with having Callisto for himself, as well as others who also want to keep them apart. With a devastating war looming between the centaurs and the nymphs, Callisto must make a difficult choice. To prevent bloodshed and to save an innocent life, she must die.

˃˃˃ Game of Thrones meets the Iliad with more warrior women. An epic romance with centaurs and nymphs that rivals Outlander.

Author's Bio:

Multi-published author Kelley Heckart writes romances with fantasy/paranormal elements set in ancient and medieval time periods. Her stories reflect her passion for ancient history, storytelling, and the supernatural. She is drawn in particular to the ancient Celts who are shrouded in mystery and associated with the otherworldly realm of the Fae. Experience her fierce warriors and alpha males, bold women, otherworldly creatures, magic, and romance.

Her latest series, Shadow-walkers, is a contemporary paranormal romance series inspired by her time as a rock-n-roll musician. In these stories, the women are the rock stars.

Two of her favorite things are sunrises and men in kilts. When not writing or editing, she enjoys practicing target archery, and writing and recording music with her musician husband. She can be found online at

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