By: Ardor

Genres: #PublicSex #Exhibitionism #Humiliation


Kathy The Nudie Girl

Kathy was a normal, shy girl. Then one day she started to experiment with her wardrobe. Before she knew it Kathy was doing all sorts of unusual things. You might say that Kathy "enjoys" the great outdoors in a way most nature lovers haven't even thought of. At first it started out in the privacy of her own home. Then, somehow, it got out of control. It got waaaaay out of control. Before long Kathy found herself doing things in public that she never, ever, thought she'd do.

Thankfully her good friend Colleen is there to keep lookout for her. Of course when the two of them got caught one day, in the mall, by another friend of Kathy's things jump to an entirely different level.

The problem is the more trouble Kathy finds herself in, the more Colleen embarrasses and humiliates her, the more Kathy likes it.

Kathy is exposed to things, and places, she's never even considered before. Kathy is exposed to all sorts of new things in the mall, in the park, in her very own neighborhood and then for the grand finale her old friend introduces her a brand new way to work.

Author's Bio:

I've been writing naughty stories since I discovered my Dad's dirty magazines at age 8. In fact I practically learned how to read from Penthouse Forum. Surprised the hell out of me when I was old enough to realize that women weren't nymphos with huge boobs and that men didn't have nine inch dicks!

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