Cowboys Don't Kiss And Other Gay And Bisexual Love Stories

By: Ken James

Genres: #Gay #FirstTime #Anthology


First times: gay, bisexual, lesbian, and even heterosexual. Not necessarily first time sex, but rather people exploring possibilities and finding new paths.

This collection contains a brand new gay story plus 12 of Ken James' raw and romantic gay and bisexual love stories.

Kissing Cowboys (New)

Jerry is a sexy young cowboy. He's straight, but his girlfriend is 200 miles away and the other ranch hands are starting to look really good to him. He doesn't realize it, but they're looking at him, too. One hot horny night, everything busts wide open.

Cowboys Don't Kiss

Jeff was Ken's first, when they were teenagers. They meet again as adults and the smoldering embers they left behind burst into a forest fire of passion.

Love In The Rockies

Kathy and I were virgins, both eager to learn about sex. We used each other, but we also gave each other a lot. A true story.

The French Student

Ashley is a college freshman. She has a boyfriend, but she wants her first time to be with someone who sets her on fire and he doesn't do that. Genevieve is Ashley's roommate, an exchange student from France who enjoys nude sunbathing. Ashley isn't into girls. Until . . .


Ken catches a pair of sexy trespassers in his warehouse. Diane and Jose broke in to have sex. Ken gives it to them. Both of them, as Ken turns them every way but loose.

Hot Hustler

Young patrolman Sam Avery is straight, with a hot girlfriend who loves sex. Their relationship is almost perfect. But, Sam can no longer deny his attraction to other men. Finally, he picks up a gay hustler and discovers how badly he needs man-on-man sex.

Plus seven more.

Includes an introduction and Ken's comments on the stories.

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Author's Bio:

I was born in Denver and raised in Cheyenne, Wyoming. My first time with another boy was in my early teens. Girls came a few years later.

After I graduated from the University of Wyoming, I spent a year as a roadie for a series of rock and roll bands, then moved to Austin to work for a computer company.

I started writing in grade school and was a reporter on my junior high and high school papers. My lover (now husband) and I published a gay newspaper in Austin for several years.

I've been writing gay and bisexual erotic fiction since 2003.

I live in Austin with my husband Wayde and Snowball, our big black half-Siamese cat.

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