Monster Lovers: 6 Erotic Tales Of Tentacles, Aliens & Impregnation

By: Veronica Sloan

Genres: #Halloween #MonsterSex #Anthology


In this collection of fantastical erotica, women are seduced by the strangest and horniest lovers in the galaxy! From naughty tentacles to lustful orcs, Veronica Sloan brings you six tales of breeding, bondage and impregnation.

In "The Octopus's Bride," a new addition to the aquarium pulls intern Kimmy Noguchi into a sticky situation. How can she refuse the creature's clammy caresses when an entire species depends on her? In "No Orc's Whore," a beautiful barbarian must distract a tribe of orcs with the one weapon they're powerless to resist. In "The Spider From Mars!" astronaut Alice Thatcher makes a terrifying discovery beneath the Martian surface. A disgusting race of aliens has awoken to breed with human females! In "Menage a Tentacle," a naive marshal journeys to the planet New Dorado and befriends a beautiful bounty hunter and her partner, a tentacled alien that feeds on female arousal. In "The Tentacle Beast of Rigel-7," Commander Bernadette Wulf is seduced and controlled by a lustful monster intent on spreading itself across the galaxy. Finally, in "Defiled by the Dragon," a bratty princess is kidnapped by a dragon...and learns why the creatures prefer virgins!

This bundle of oozing taboo is 47,000 words and is for readers 18 and up. Cover art created by TheKite.

Author's Bio:

Veronica Sloan writes very dirty stories. Her erotica is explicit and steamy, and no topic is too taboo. A Chicago girl at heart, Veronica graduated from the Columbia School of Journalism with every intention of writing very important things about very important people. Currently, she spends her days writing about pop culture and her nights writing about lusty young men and their naughty predilections. She loves big dogs, hot yoga and songs that are stupidly catchy.

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