Quick Tail - Complete

By: Jackson O. Thomas

Genres: #IndecentProposal #Massage #Anthology


Short steamy true tales of a real guy getting some tail.

This is the complete collection, combining volumes 1-6 of the Quick Tail books. They are original first-person stories told by an average, naughty middle-class, professional man.

You will hear about adventures befriending a mature madam for photography, who then offered a very special prostate massage in return.

You'll hear about Julie, the tall goofy blonde woman with a fabulous body. She really knew how to rub things the right way!

You will hear about an adventure heading downtown on a late evening to get a special Lingam massage, (Google it.)

Then you'll hear about Naomi, the quiet lady who offered body rubs that promised to blow me away... twice!

You will hear about an encounter with a real escort for the purpose of actually having FS, or full sex.

Then you'll hear about Lyn, the sweet hippy girl. A little granola, but she has a lot of heart. She was the closest I'd found to a provider whom I wanted to return to regularly. Then her story took an unexpected turn.

In this story, you will hear about our tail teller's obsession with Mandy the elusive escort and his fantasy girl.

Then you can hear about his escape from a situation that would have probably been a bad idea. Sometimes it is a good thing when plans do not work out the way you initially want.

Next, meet Pamela. She is an unusual young woman, who works alone in an office. She got bored and answered an ad of mine. It turned into a surprisingly pleasing encounter of exhibitionism.

Our hero finally gets to meet his dream girl Mandy. This is the author's absolute favorite of the "tail tales."

You will hear about our tail teller's two visits to a special massage parlor. First he sees Lauren, the well-built beauty.

Later, he returns to meet Harriet a hot little firecracker.

Then you hear one very entertaining story of our hero's opportunity to watch a couple doing it in person! They put on a really big show!. And lastly, you hear about Kelly. She's a cute, young escort with a one-track mind.

In this story you will hear about our tail teller's car date with Milly.

He then tells of his meeting with Felicia, the escort who is a perfect 10!

He has a hands-on encounter with a young, six-foot tall, blonde lady. He gets to take a ride on a milking table, and more!

Following that fun collection of stories, there are even two BONUS stories!

Author's Bio:

Mild-mannered, regular guy. Except I explore naughty adventures, write them down and then share them with you!

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