The Devil Inside Her

By: L. L. Craft

Genres: #Paranormal #TabooTopic #SexualSurrender


(A Taboo Tale)

That changes when she meets a woman under the control of Familial, a demon who drives people to commit taboo acts.

Familial is now inside Allison, using her influence to force her to seduce James. Will Allison be able to resist the demon's influence? Will James refuse her advances? Or will they both succumb to the Devil Inside Her?

Author's Bio:

L.L. Craft is an erotica author whose strength lies in the ability to write a variety of story types. From the sleazy forced sex of Sweet reluctance, to the playful threesome in A Home maid gift to a slew of taboo Stepmother/son stories, Craft can deliver thrills to all audiences. Despite their penchant for hardcore action Craft can also deliver surprisingly sweet stories such as Home is where the Heart is.

Most recently Craft has combined that knack for hardcore BDSM sex with a well done romance in the full length novel Tales of the Circle. The Circle is a projected trilogy and will also be spread out over a series of diverse once shot tales involving members in "solo action"

In yet another area of erotica Craft is also the author of the dark and truly taboo series Broken. Broken is a unique blend of taboo/bdsm and romance.

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