Feminized By The Neighborhood Girls

By: Kylie Gable

Genres: #Feminization #FemDom #Anthology


This series was first published in 2018 and became an instant hit. Now, it's repackaged at a new lower price.

The time is the 1990s. The place is the blue-collar town of Joliet, Illinois, where five high school girls join together for pride, power, and vengeance on the boys in their lives who need to learn a healthy dose of respect. The Pack is Kylie Gable’s strongest and most riveting series yet-an always engrossing, often shocking tale of female revenge, grit, and sisterhood. Here is the secret history of a gang of young teen girls who turn the tables on a world of male oppression by using femininization to put them in their place. Unfortunately, some fires burn too hot to last.

At once erotica and something lyrical, this is a series for any guy who has ever looked on the powerful women in his life with a sense of awe. Amid scenes of feminization and vengeance lies this story’s greatest power: the powerful depiction of the bonds that link the Pack girls together.

Ultimately, such power poses a threat to teachers, parents, and students alike. When they come after the girls, they realize that the only ones they can count on are each other. If you like girls who can kick ass and aren't afraid to do it, this one's for you.

In her review, Bending the Bookshelf said of this 40,000-word story:

What I love about Kylie and Claudia's work is just how carefully balanced the whole feminization process is, and how the humiliation is tempered with elements of friendship and affection, making it easier for readers to forgive themselves for wanting to see the poor sissies pushed harder, further, deeper into femininity. They so effortlessly move us from horror and even anger, to curiosity, anticipation, and appreciation, and they are able to do that because they populate their stories with such well-developed characters.

There is so much fetish fuel to the story that I hesitate to even try to explain, for fear of missing something, but we have an emphasis on panties, pantyhose, and bras; high heels; lipstick and eyeliner; dresses and skirts; impromptu bondage and improvised restraints; gags and cages; blackmail; masturbation; and even some forced bisexuality.

In terms of structure, the 6 stories here are chapters in a longer work, and they way the story builds and expands with each is fascinating. There is a definite rising arc to the story, as more girls (and sissies) are drawn into David's world, with a surprisingly dark and daring feminization marking the peak or the climax, and the exploration of consequences (and revenge) coming from the dénouement. What makes it really exciting is having David telling the story as a much older man, looking back on that school year, and not just commenting on the events but foreshadowing what is to come. Dramatically, it works very well, and that distance allows him to appreciate the The Pack, their friendship, their femininity, their power, and their allure.

Author's Bio:

I have been more fortunate than most. When I was in college, I had a life changing experience that I'm only coming to terms with years later. I was forcibly feminized by one amazing girl and her friends. There are a lot of legitimate questions of any writer in the genre of forced feminization, but even more so for someone like me who purports to tell a true story.

The Welcome to College series is my attempt to explore what happened to me over four years of college. It is definitely fictionalized for entertainment's sake, but by writing it, I hope to remember and explore those feelings I had in those wild days of my youth when everything seemed out of my control.

I will also be writing other erotica on such topics as feminization, female domination, bondage, and humiliation. I have written books on much more mundane topics, but I find erotic writing to be quite addicting.

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